Why Us

We are a specialist Chartered Residential Home Buyers Report Company, together our team has over 40 years of professional experience in the property and construction industry.  We are bound by international RICS codes of conduct and ethics.

Our professional team provides you with effective timely inspection and reporting.

Given the recent history of issues within the New Zealand construction industry, it is difficult to be confident that what you are buying is not hiding a future problem, or that you are obtaining the best price for the property you are selling. The property inspection and advice you need to answer these questions requires a professional approach – this is what we do.

Our service is unique for a number of reasons:

  • We have considerable knowledge of the New Zealand construction industry including leaking buildings, poor design and poor workmanship.
  • Our job is to make objective observations about the building fabric, not to fall in love with the property – that’s your job!
  • We have international expertise and often provide offshore clients with ‘eyes and ears’ on the ground.
  • Our reports are comprehensive, succinct and easy to understand.  Photos throughout the report guide you through the house giving a direct visual link to any issues.
  • We carry Professional Indemnity Insurance to ensure that our clients have greater certainty over the accuracy of the advice we provide.
  • We assist you, alongside your other advisors, through the sale and purchase process




Our Team

Below are the leaders of the team:

Our Team

Building Surveyors & Property Consultants

All our team members have good experience in building and structure assessment for both design purposes and resolving building defects. They also have expertise in the design of residential property. Our team is selected from a diverse construction industry background, and have more than a few years experience. HomeBuyers Reports staff are members of Professional Institutes and some are Licensed Building Practitioners in addition.

Anouschka de Gourley

Business Manager

Anouschka manages the operational elements of the company and has a background in marketing, communications, project management and social media. She has worked in a wide breadth of industries including construction and design for Westfield Shopping Centres. Enthusiastic and service orientated, she is focused on providing superior service to clients of HomeBuyers Reports and is the super glue that holds our team together.

David Clifton BSc (Hons) MRICS FMANZ


David has been a qualified Building Surveyor for over 12 years and he has experience in a wide range of sectors. David is a member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. David is experienced in the assessment of buildings, as part of a design team or as an expert dealing with defective design and workmanship. With his UK background and New Zealand market and recladding experience, David can provide expertise in assessment of property and repair requirements prior to purchase or sale.