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Buying a dream home for real

After months of hopeless house hunting, you have fallen in love with your dream home. The extremely obliging real estate agent has helped you out every step of the way, and now has you poised to sign on the dotted line. Stop and pause a minute. Have you really done your homework on what is likely to be the biggest purchase of a lifetime, or blindly accepted the assurances of the silver-tongued agent?

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Sales and Purchase Agreement 2 years on

Well two years on since the introduction of the changed Sales and Purchase agreement, prospective purchasers are still grappling with the term a 'suitably qualified building inspector' and what this means to them.

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To LIM or Not to LIM

LIMs and their Limitations. Just getting the properties LIM is not necessarily the complete story. What are the key differences?

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Avoid the Home buying Time Bomb!

Buying a house is one of the most expensive purchases you will ever make. Surely it makes good sense to check it out for any problems before you buy? Would you buy a car without checking if the engine starts and it has all the necessary parts intact?

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Water Heating

Did you feel that cold snap last week? With winter kicking in, its time to get warm and heat up. Here we review water heating system options so you can choose wisely for your needs.

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Understanding IEP and DEE in multifloor residential apartment buildings

If you are considering buying an apartment in a high rise, an old block of flats or within a converted commercial building you may be supplied with an Initial Evaluation Procedure (IEP) or Detailed Engineering Evaluation report (DEE) which relates to how the building will stand up to an earthquake. HomeBuyers Reports give a basic rundown of how to interpret these reports and what to do with the findings.

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What do Qualified Home Inspectors Look For?

Having a home inspection carried out prior to closing the deal on a new home can be one of the most important decisions you make when buying a new home, so what do property inspectors look for when scrutinizing the property?

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How to be a smart property buyer

For most of us, buying a home is the biggest purchase we will ever make – so it pays to get it right. Here we take you through a checklist of how smart people buy property.

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Refinancing – Why a building inspection is important

A lot of people think that when they refinance or extend their mortgage a valuation of their property is all they require.  However this is not necessarily true, read our article to see why.

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Buying a house? Who is ‘suitably qualified’ to inspect?

What do you look for when searching for a suitably qualified property inspection company?  We give you the information and know how to chose.

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Fences and Boundaries

Fences and Boundaries can often be a cause of dispute between neighbours. What should you look out for when buying a property? What are your rights and obligations when considering erecting a fence once you have bought? Follow our pointers to set you on the right track.

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New Build - Is A Home Inspection Really Needed?

Home buyers of newly constructed homes may be unaware that an inspection clause can be included in their new home build contract. In fact new home buyers can greatly benefit from using a professional home inspector during both the construction and completion of their new home.

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Handy hints for spotting problem cladding

Leaky buildings are not caused because these cladding types are unsatisfactory, many can perform well, but are often found on leaky buildings and have sometimes been detailed, finished or fitted poorly.

Use our handy hints to help spot risks in cladding and leaky buildings.

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The DIY house of the future: Alastair Parvin at TED2013

It’s radical, non-conventional and certainly thinking outside the box. In Alastair Parvins’ journey through unemployment due to the 2008 economic crash, he confronted modern day perceptions and thinking about architecture. It is one thing that his peers couldn’t get jobs, but why were they all scrambling to design for the top one per cent? Why was architecture only about making buildings?

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No drawbacks to the three little pigs straw eco housing?

Find out why a forward thinking french housing model using straw and wood is the new big thing for first time buyers and low income households.

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Revolutionary City Ideas

Here Kent Larsen, Director of MIT's House_n research consortium and Media Labs Changing places group, looks back at some of the great cities that evolved before cars, to come up with design solutions that solve the issue of population intensity and lack of affordable housing.

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What makes a Diligent Licensed Building Practitioner?

Residential owners are now provided the protection of the Licensed Building Practitioner scheme. The aim to make those undertaking work on residential properties take responsibility for their actions.

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Avoid the homebuying time bomb!

Buying a house is one of the most expensive purchases you will ever make. Surely it makes good sense to check it out for any problems before you buy? Would you buy a car without checking if the engine starts and there are four wheels?

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13 Common Mistakes Home Buyers Make – and how to avoid them

13 Common Mistakes Home Buyers Make - and how to avoid them to get the most out of your purchase or sale.

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Warm up your winter… sort the insulation and heating

Home insulation was scarce in New Zealand because of historic cheap electricity.  In 1978 due to the economic impact of un-insulated homes and the oil crisis the Government introduced our first guidelines.

But experts estimate half our houses are still not insulated. Why is this?

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Do you know your defects?

When you look round a property do you know what to look for? Many people see some defects but would you spot them all?

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Sponsorship News...


We are delighted to be the main sponsors of Jaden Hassan and JH Racing. Jaden is one of New Zealand's top up and coming young motorcycle racing riders. You can find out more about Jaden by following him on Facebook.




What a great season!


End Of Season Photo


The New Zealand Superbike season is all done and dusted for 2013. Jaden and the team came into the last round 16 points down on John Ross, and needed two wins to have a chance of taking the title. Jaden did everything he could taking pole position and backing it up with two wins and a new lap record! Unfortunately with John taking a second and a third he did enough to take the championship by 2 points. Great racing and talent!

Jaden will be back next season and hopefully have some exciting announcements coming up!


Set For A Gol den Summer


Golden Summer


Jaden Hassan is heading for a golden summer. Jaden has taken out the Suzuki Tri Series with a great win at the Boxing Day Wanganui Street Race. Then at the first round of the Nationals at Ruapuna, Christchurch Jaden put himself at the top of the rankings with a win and a second placing, while in the process winning the New Zealand Grand Prix Trophy. A great start to a promising summer! See the great article below for more.


Rivals Take Notice


Rival Take Notice


Jaden Hassan is off and running. Jaden on the HomeBuyers Reports Yamaha R6 Supersport Bike took back to back wins at Auckland Motorcycle Club Championships Formula 2 Class at Hampton Downs this weekend. This is all looking good for the National! See the great article below for more.